Monday, July 2, 2012

Sweet, sweet victory!

I'm finally finished with drafting Pinochet. I know I really have no reason to whine since I didn't even start until mid May, but still. Longest month and a half ever.

 I think I've discovered why I'm not as thrilled with Pinochet as I am with my other projects. First of all, he was a work of convenience. Hubby had to be in Santiago for an internship, so I decided to set a story in Santiago since I was going to be there anyway. It was a fun premise, but not one that was burning a hole in my brain, begging to be worked on, like some of my other ideas.

Second, there's no allusion. No deep literary pool from whence some character or aspect sprang, no layers. And I hate that. So I spent some time on the beach with my copy of Blake and found some good stuff to make my villain a little richer when it's time for edits.

And last, it's told entirely from one character's POV. And I'm dying. I'm not sure if I've put in enough clues for the reader to guess all the twists, or if I've done a good enough job of even making this intricate plot clear enough. I like twists and turns. And I work so carefully to build them, and usually it's way more than one person can know or see. But everything else I've written has had multiple POV, and I wanted to see if I could do it with only one. We'll see how that worked out.

And now for my reward: I get to start with my research and plotting for my new project! Yay! I'm calling her Rose. Think high fantasy+ light steam punk + sleeping beauty + alice in wonderland. Except princes are overrated, and my MC gets to save the kingdom herself.

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  1. Woo Hoo! So exciting. Can I edit this one too? :)