Friday, July 27, 2012

Lost in the Woods

I decided it was about time I did a progress report on Rose. She's sitting at about 17500 words right now, and I've written out all the things that I plotted out before I started drafting. My MC, and her dead friend are pretty much lost in the woods, and maybe I'm feeling a little too sympathetic, because I'm stuck. Lost in the woods, and I can't seem to find my way out.

I know exactly where I want to go, and I've got at least one or two more stops in mind, but I don't know how I'm getting there yet. Also I'm not sure if my big emotional/dramatic climax is big enough. I just had a thought the other day, "What if that's not the end?" I love/hate thoughts like that. Because if it's not the end then this other thing is the end, and I really, really don't know how to get there. But at the same time it's awesome because Rose just got a little more badass, and a little more complex. Now if only I could just get her a compass.

The good news is, while I chew (I'm pretty sure this counts as mixing my metaphors, which by the way would be a killer name for a mocktail*) on this problem (Rose can build herself a nice little fire in the woods and roast some marshmallows) I've got the newest member of my multiple personalities--er, writing projects-- budding into life.

All I can tell you right now, is that his name is Caliban. And I think I'm going to love him.

And now it's back to the woods. My cleverly constructed procrastination is over. Must get Rose a compass. Or some marshmallows while I go play with Caliban. Either way, back to writing.

*Mixed Metaphor
1 part  fresh lime juice
3 parts water
1 part vanilla infused simple syrup
Fresh mint
Fresh basil
sugar to taste

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