Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Muse Disagrees With the Water

I was in the shower this morning, and I realized my routine has been off. Usually all my great ideas come in the shower. Even phrasing for how to tackle the next attempt at an edit or query will be spinning through my mind as I bathe. I decided there must be something wrong with the Chilean water. Because aside from a few days of hyper-productivity, I've been in some sort of South American funk.

Then I started fantasizing about publishing my book and got to thinking about Ana. Are girls going to hate her? Not every male character in the book falls in love with her (technically it's only one during the book), but she does have a certain quality that attracts people. Granted one is programed to love her, one loved her from the moment he met her, and the other isn't allowed to love her. But still, I should kind of hate this girl, at least a little. No one likes that girl.

Then this morning in the shower it hit me. I don't hate her because I already love her. She's my best friend from high school--or at least a small part of her is. She's the beautiful, wonderful girl who's time between boyfriends could be measured with a stopwatch. But not one of those girls who can only connect with guys. She's so wonderful, everybody loves her.

I cannot believe I've been living in Ana's head for so long and never realized this. Now I like her even more.

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